This is Neriahs Bedroom Door
It is made of Golden Oak with
figured and bookmatched Black Cherry panels

Here is Neriahs Door

a close-up of the top detail

......... another view

each panel is figured Cherry
and book matched

the mid detail

the lower detail .... notice the panels

Here is the story of how this door was constructed



Here is the third version drawing for the bathroom door

Here are the styles for both doors

Please note how tight the "growth rings" are ..... this Oak is amazing

Here are some of the pieces laid out for fitting




The "cloud lift" shape is bandsawed first .........

......... then routed to shape using a template of my making

All the pieces are set and marked for their final fit

Here is the Bathroom door .... assembled with "fitting dowels"



a closer view of the "cloud lift" detail on the top style

The panel dado is routed in ... using two different routers and cutters

Then the edges are rounded over

and the door is "dry fitted" with the panels

the lower half

the upper half

the panels are finish sanded

and the coated with 4 coats of of pre-catalyzed lacquer

while "dry clamped" the corners are chiseled square

..... and the glue up begins

these are captured panels that are allowed to "float" in the humid Hawaiian climate

the panels are figured Black Cherry and they are all bookmatched

The door will stay in clamps for at least 3-4 days

Here is the door out of clamps

Then it is scraped .......

and machine sanded

then I start to lay out the square pins

.......... a center hole

............ then drilled

....... and chiseled

the hinges are routed and squared

The panels are masked before oiling

with hand and power tools

The panels are completely covered before oiling

Here I pin the screw-eye holes with Oak pins

And the doors are sealed in 4 mil plastic before placing in the shipping case