Here is an opportunity for you to view the construction of a Mahogany Entry with Sidelights and 2 other Mahogany doors for a home in Connecticut.

Here are two of the completed doors

The completed "mudroom door"
the beveled glass
the "studio" door
Mahogany and Redwood



Here is how

they were constructed

The entrance opening
The Entrance ~ final drawing
one of the 'other' openings
The 'other' doors

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a rendering
Picking the wood
Bringing it home ...

ALL the pieces

a sidelight
sidelight and transom
out of clamps !!

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layout and fitting
glued up
" dry fit "

glue up
upper lights
both doors
the Library Door

the Entrance Door
Blue beveled glass

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the panels .... curing

one of two sidelights
the Entrance Door oiled
a close up

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"bedding" the beveled glass
cutting and fitting the stops
the sidelights
wrapped for shipping

foam padding

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Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA
3 doors ~ 2 sidelights
double wide
Off to town !!

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