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Here is a beautiful Redwood Entrance Door

Before !!

My quality control inspector checks out the finished door
After !!

~ ~ ~

Below is the History of this doors construction

The final drawing #
The final drying rack
The "pieces" roughed out

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Beginning to lay out
The machining begins
Fitting the pieces

More fitting
Begin the glue-up
Final Clamping

Out of the clamps
Shaping the panels
Sanding the panels

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Fitting the panels in the door
Oiling the panels
Oiling the door

The varnish~oil finish is curing
Ready for glass
Here is the beveled glass installed

Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA

Please Note: ALL of our Redwood has come from downed logs and salvaged downed trees.