At Mendocino Doors, I build almost entirely with solid woods and I prefer to get the client involved in the design process.

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Here are the completed doors on their new home in Oklahoma
my customer wrote : "I finally finished the house. Everybody that visits is impressed with the design and workmanship of your front door. Hope you are doing well." RSC




Here are the pictures provided to my customer, while I was building his door.

A view of the entry under construction
~ ~ ~
This is the home for my doors !!
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Here is the entire process of the construction of these doors

Sample drawing #1
Sample drawing #2
Sample drawing #3
Sample drawing #4

Sample drawing #5
The Final Drawing
The Raw Material
A sidelight laid out

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"Dry" clamp of a corner
The mullion detail
A profile of the shaper cutter
Starting to lay out the door

A dry fit of all the pieces
Gluing up of the main door
Gluing up 1 of the 2 sidelights
The entrance door unclamped

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The 2 sidelights unclamped
Jamb detail w/weatherstripping
Beveled ~ Tempered ~ Thermal
All the glass

The beveled glass with stops
Installing the glass

The finished door to be shipped

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Packing the door into the crate
A view of the packing
"The Crate"
Even with handles

Ready for the trucking company
A finished sidelight (1 of 2)
2 sidelights in one case
The sidelight crate with jambs

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The Door Arrives safely in

Tulsa and the work begins

Ken applies the second coat
Bill begins staining
Bryan and Keith start hanging the door
The sidelights are added

Please see the top of this page for the completed doors !!
The trim starts to be applied
The trim is applied to the inside
Clayton adds some finishing touches

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Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products
have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass
of Santa Rosa, CA

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