Where are the prices ?

As I receive emails and phone calls from folks who are wondering where are my prices.

My answer is simple ... I don't have a "stock" price list because my doors are truly custom

I am happy to give general ideas of cost once the client gives me an idea of the type of door they prefer,
and I am happy to share the cost of doors that I have made.

I prefer to get the client involved in the design process...... and hopefully fulfill the clients "dreams".

I make this statement ........ "Your door is only limited by the boundaries of our imagination".

Generally, customers will give me some idea of what they want and I begin to put it to paper, and through the sharing of mutual ideas we come up with a design that fulfills their "vision" of their door.

Because this is a collaborative effort, drawings are then sent to the customer.
Often we make several changes until the client sees the door of their dreams.

Once the drawings are approved, I give the client a firm price.

Then the door is completed and sent off to the clients to install on their home or business.
It is one of my greatest rewards, to have a customer see and appreciate the craftsmanship that is an intregal part of their their project.

ALL of the woods used in my doors are "Green Lumber", which comes from salvaged wood and sustainably harvested forests. This will help me to make doors that will last a hundred years from forests that will produce wood for doors even longer.

Your door is the Gateway to your home.
It should say who you are ... and


Please Note: ALL of our Redwood has come from downed logs and salvaged downed trees


Questions ?? ~ Just call or email me