..........What Is ??

........Is an exceptional quality wood (from trees over 500- 1000 years old). MendocinoDoors.com's wood comes from logs left on the forest floor when the forest was first logged between 1880 and 1910. The all-heartwood Old-Growth is extremely resistant to decay, insects, and remains perfect after lying outdoors for up to 140 years! It also comes from salvaged timbers that have no defects or blemishes.

All of Our lumber have tight grain because the trees grew extremely slow in a competitive environment , more than 25 annual growth rings per inch (often up to 50 rings per inch). Our Grades are select clear-heart, mostly vertical grain (the most stable).

Some of these trees were alive over 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, because of over-logging, very little of this precious wood is available anywhere anymore. MendocinoDoors.com is one of the only company's that still makes Doors from Old-Growth Redwood (that we know of!).

Exposed to the harsh year-round sun, rain and snow without maintenance (better to oil each year), Our Old-Growth Redwood Doors are guaranteed not to decay in any climate for 50 years. and it should last much longer. Old-Growth Redwood has no peers in terms of decay resistance.



This giant was "chopped" and sawed by two men. Please notice that they are standing on "spring boards" that are notched into the tree

here is spring board notch on one of my pieces of salvaged Redwood

This Giant Old Growth Redwood was big enough for 14 men to stand on it


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Here is a Zoey standing in front of a gentle Giant
Old Growth Redwood is also the Tallest Tree on Earth
Two hikers, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, were deep in another section of another park, Redwood National Park (purchased in 1978 during the Carter administration) when they came across a new stand of trees, taller than anyone had ever seen before. The tallest of the tall is 379 feet 4 inches, 10 feet taller than the Giant. It's now called "Hyperion."
The Northern Spotted Owl primarily inhabits old growth forests in the northern part of its range (Canada to California).. It nests in cavities or on platforms in large trees and will use abandoned nests of other species. Spotted owls mate for life and remain in the same geographical areas year after year.



Here is the Drive-Thru Redwood Tree in Leggett California

and here is my full size truck, driving through the Giant

These are like the logs we salvage to make our Doors



Here is a 2" x 6" and I realized it had been cut from a salvaged log the was fallen by an Ax

Axes have noy been used to fall Redwood for over 120 years ~ SEE the ax marks !

Here is Zoey standing in front of a Giant Redwood log (in a California State Park) that has been laying on the forest floor for 150 years



Just a days work at the office !!

Here is my tree-crawler Casey, getting to know the forest

Here is a "pile" of salvaged Redwood Logs



Here are more salvaged Redwood Logs

............. and more

here are some timbers that were used at the local mill, for over 50 years, to dry stacks of lumber



we took them and sawed them in to 2 x 6's for door stock

look at the fine grain that comes from a recycled timber

here is a friends portable saw mill that has an Old Growth Redwood log on the tracks



here is some Redwood, sawn from 1 log and coded so that I'll remember where I got the wood

here is a burnt end from one of my salvaged boards

Here we are sawing some "highly figure Redwood" from Old Growth Redwood timbers



We will use this rough of Redwood to make some of the beautiful panels we use in Our doors.

Here is the wood sawed from that rough block ..... WOW !

Here are some samples of highly figured (fancy) Old Growth Redwood panels


Click Here to see Why we use Vertical Grain Wood

Click Here to understand what "Figured" wood is !


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Here is the "chairwomen" of my board of director's

This is salvaged Redwood lumber ....... notice the board with the "chopped" end.