I made this door for a client in Florida who has
decided to have me construct a different door design.

Sooo, I am offering this door and sidelight For Sale
it is ready to ship and I call it "The Windermere"
The door is 38" x 88" x 1-3/4"
The sidelight is 18-1/2 x 88" x 1-3/4
They are both made out of quarter sawn White Oak
all of the glass is tempered and insulated and beveled
The blue pieces are beveled azurlite ...... sky blue glass !

The sidelight can go on either side of the door

Here is the glass, backlit
so that you can appreciate the rich blue glass

The original drawing

Here is the completed Windermere
Entry door and sidelight

The blue glass is beveled and tempered Azurlite
It is a rich and gentle sky blue

Here you can see that all of the glass id beveled with a full 1-1/2" bevel

Each piece is also tempered and then made into insulated units

The inside of the door has the most magnificent quartersawn medullary rays

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Here is the history of how the Entry and sidelight were made




Please look at the tight grain of the White Oak .... it is definitely door quality

Here are all of the "roughed-out" horizontal pieces

and here are all of the "roughed-out" vertical pieces

.... then each piece is cut to exact calculated length




and the each of the ends are "coped" with the female shape

and many of the pieces are shaped with the male reverse shape

Then the outer frame is fitted and marked for he tennons

I then fitted the long mullions to a "tense" vertical fit ........ these pieces are only coped on the ends




........ and then I machine the molded edge on the sides ... isn't this amazing wood ?!~

then each and every horizontal mullion is fitted for a perfect tension fit ....... no mass cutting and slapping on putty ....... it Must fit

.. then I shape the detail on the side of each 5"-6" piece ....... carefully!

then we glue 'er hp
each piece is pre-glued 3 times on the end grain .. to guaranty great adhesion




The the "magic" of assembly begins ..... better figure out the correct order ***

it takes 14 to 15 clamps to 'lock' this door together ........ it will stay in clamps for 72 hrs ... minimum

we clean all the excess glue with clean water ...... and even "toothbrush" the corners to remove glue

Here I am fitting the sidelight frame and mullion .... then I fitted each horizontal mullion



and then we put it together ... carefully !!

and here is the sidelight ...... under clamps .... 3-4 days

Here we are finish sanding the sidelight

... ready for oil

I make all of my pieces slightly oversize so they can be trimmed and perfectly squared

... then we sign the pieces with the "makers mark" ...... with pride

Here the door is being back beveled 2 deg

.. and the first of 4 coats of varnish oil is applied

Each molded edge is hand sanded up to 220 grit ...

and then the faces are machine sanded

Here is the Windermere ready for oiling

... notice the incredible medullary rays that occur in quality quartersawn White Oak

.... and oiling the door

Look at this beautiful grain

Here is the 4th coat being applied

each piece is wiped down after each coat has had 3/4 of an hour to soak into the wood

a beautiful smile, always brings out the richness of the wood

all of the stops are soaked in a trough of varnish oil

and then wiped down, piece by piece

... and each piece is wiped down again in the shop ...... and for many hours to come

and the beautiful door cures and waits for glass

Here are the stops after 4 coats of varnish oil

I have developed a process of laminating 4/4 White Oak to make a more stable door jamb

...... takes a few clamps ..... but it is worth it

The door jamb stock

and then sanded by machine and hand ....

The the jamb if oiled with 3-4 coats of varnish oil

The glass finally arrives. Two pieces we mis-made and had to be redone

Then they are cleaned and set in place

and the long process of cutting the stops, begins

Each piece of glass is bedded and caulked with a siliconized latex that turns clear when it cures

All of the excess caulk is removed and the glass cleaned ... again

Here is the Entry Door completed with its' beautiful quartersawn White Oak and beveled glass

another view

Here we are installing the weatherstripping into the door jambs

Here we are assembling the jamb and hanging the door with the hinges ... and a perfect square

Here is a close-up of the top hinges ,,,, set in a European fashion

This door is hung on 4pcs of
4-1/2" solid brass hinges

Here is the sidelight fitted to its' jamb