This is the door called The Westport
It is 36" x 80"
It is made of Old Growth Redwood
with a solid v-grooved panel of Old Growth Redwood.
The customer will have a leaded glass window installed in New York
I provided the precut stops for the glass.


Here is the completed door

Here is the original drawing of The Westport

The glass panel will be added by the client on site

Here is a close-up of the arch top

Here is a close-up of the panel

Here is a close-up of the door hardware

This is how the Westport Door was made !!




Here is a picture of the end grain of some of the Redwood ...... please notice how fine the growth rings are.

The rough lumber is first joined flat and straight

then planed to thickness

the cross cut to to finish sized




Here are the pieces, laid out, before machining and mortising

The pieces are coped on the shaper

The top rail arch is first bandsawed

The arc is gentle and constant




...... then hand planed with an antique compass plane

The door is assembled

.. them clamped together and clamped flat

All of the excess glue is washed off


The the Door will be left in clamps for 3-4 days to cure

Here is The Westport ... out of clamps

Here is a clasp of the arched top lite

Here are the solid Redwood planks that will be the panel

Here the planks are bored for 1/2" dowels

here are Mahogany dowels that I make in my shop ...... Birch dowels rot when wet

Here the panel planks are glued up and allowed to remain in clamps for 3-4 days .. a sample of the 2 part glue is kept to make sure it hardens

The panel is rebated and v-grooved for a nice effect

Here is the panel ready to be finish sanded and oiled

Here I have "signed" the door and mortised for the 4" hinges

Here is the final sand on the redwood panel ........ finish to 220 grit

The trimmed door is finish sanded

Here we check for flat and true

....... and finally the molded edge is hand sanded

Here is the finished door before oiling

........ and after ....... WOW ....... look at that beautiful old growth Redwood

here is the finished panel before oil

....... and after ....... all will get 4 coats of varnish oil

Here is the door and panel ...... curing between coats of oil

This is the template I will use to make the bent-laminated top arched stop

Here is the stop ...... in clamps

Here we are oiling the door jambs (on both sides) ..... with 3-4 coats before hanging

The finished door

The dimensions

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