This Entrance Door and Sidelight are solid genuine Mahogany
The door is 42" wide and 82" tall
The narrow lights are 3/4" thick hand beveled Diamante Starfire
The wider lights are are also beveled and thermal

I have named this door "
The Timothy" after my brother
It is simply elegant !!

Here is the completed doors and sidelight

Here is a better view of the glass

Another view of the entry

Here is a view of the prismatic glass with no backlight

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The real adventure is looking out upon the world from the inside of the home !~!

A view of the outside of the installed Entry

The Entry door and sidelight from the interior

Notice the primatic lights projected of the entry hall floor

A look at the lower half of the door

A a view of the upper half of the door

A view of the glass ...... with backlighting

There were 124 miters in just the door
each stop is hand fitted

The real adventure is looking out upon the world from the inside of the home !~!

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Here is the old Entrance

Here is the final drawing of the Entry Door and sidelight

This is what it should look like on the home.
with the drawing of the door

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Here is he "history" of how this Mahogany Entrance Door and Sidelight were constructed !!




Here the styles for the door and sidelight has been "ruffed" out and let to settle down for up to 3 weeks

Here are all the mullions and top and bottom rail ......... settling down

Then the style, rails and mullions are "joined" perfectly straight and the surface to 1-3/4" thick X ??

The pieces fresh out of the plainer ..... always kept "on edge" with air circulation between all the pieces



Here is the layout of the sidelight, to be marked for the mullions

Here the excess glue is gleaned up from the sidelight

Here is the layout of the door after the vertical mullions are fitted and the horizontal mullions will be marked for boring

Here ....... each and every horizontal mullion is hand fitted and "coped". Please realize we strive the have each piece of wood fit perfectly.
The mullions will then be machine with the beveled detail and rebate.

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Here is the sidelight glued up and curing for 72hrs

Here are the shorted mullions for the main door ....... 1/2 is machined and then a "secret" process allows me to machine the other half ...... each piece is only 3-1/8" long

Here the first side is machined in a jig that supports the tiny pieces

Here are all of the mullions ....... there are 26 shorter mullions

In the meantime I have measured each opening and ordered the glass.
All of the narrow openings will be 3/4" hand beveled Starfire Glass and the larger unites are tempered, thermal, and beveled units.
Here is part of the mullions glued up waiting for the rest of the pieces. Each mullion is connected with 1/2" Mahogany dowels that I make in the shop

Here is the door clamped, glued up , and each joint is then cleaned of excess glue

The door will "cure" for alt least 4 days ..... there is a small sample of the 2 parts glue I use ......... it will be checked to make sure it cures properly

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Each mullion is hand sanded to a fine finish

....... and sanded ........ and sanded

Here is the door almost finish sanded

Here is a close-up of the , mullions

Here is the sidelight being sanded

Here is the sidelight ready to oil

Here the door is on edge with the first hinge

Each hinge (of 4) is mortised carefully

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The warm dark brown stain is mixed with the varnish oil and sprayed on the Mahogany

The special stain will be added to the first two coats of oil

Here are the door and sidelight "soaking" up the oil with stain

The hinges are mortised and the door is "signed"

Here is the door with 4 coats of oil

Here is the sidelight with 4 coats of oil

All of the narrow lites in the door and sidelight is this hand beveled 'starfire" glass

This is only a few of the 22 pieces of hand beveled lites

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Each piece is ground to a compound peak

Have a closer look !!
All of the hand beveling was done by Jose Inegues of Inegues Glass Works

Here the stops soak for at least 1-2 hrs in varnish oil ...... and this happens 3 times

Here are some of the hand beveled pieces set into the door

Here is a close-up of the hand beveled glass which is "bedded" in place before the stops are cut and installed

Here is the beveled glass bedded in the sidelight

Here is the entry door with 20 pieces of hand beveled glass

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There are 120 stops, just in the door, and each one is individually fitted then attached with stainless steel pins.

All of the glass is "bedded" and caulked with a special siliconized caulk the cures to a clear

Here are the machine beveled, thermal, tempered units, before installation

Here are the jambs for the door and sidelight. They are solid Mahogany and sealed 4 times before assembly.


Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA

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