I call this door The Redding
It is constructed of solid Quartersawn White Oak
it is 40" wide x 84" tall
each sidelight is 22" x 84"


Here is a view of the door and sidelights, from the inside of the beautiful new home

Here is the Redding on its' new home.
The top piece of glass is gold mirror glass that reflects a "welcome" to all who approach

This door follows the lines of the entire home

Here is the completed entry door

Here is a cool detail picture !

...... another view of the door.
The inside of the door has the high figuring of "quartersawn" tiger stripes.

Here are the two sidelights
......... one for each side of the entrance door.

Here is a picture of the beveled glass.
It is a 1-1/2" wide bevel. Each "unit" is tempered, beveled, and thermal.

The top piece of glass is bronze mirror glass
..... should look very interesting on a sunny day !!

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There is beveled glass down the center of the door

The White Oak panels are also quartersawn
and raised on both sides.

Here is a close up of the inside of the sidelights

Here is the new home for the Redding

The final Entry Drawing
after several revisions

See above for the real deal

The Entrance Door

Below is the history of how this door was made ..... enjoy!

The quarter sawn White Oak is placed in a heated room for 7 to 10 days to bring the wood moisture down to 9% to 10%..... because this entry will reside in a fairly arid climate in Northern California

The hand picked White Oak is now at 12% moisture content
I'll start machining the wood in about a week

Here are the ends of the quarter sawn White oak ...... notice closeness of the annual growth rings

Here is a rejected piece of White oak that has cell collapse. Notice that the cracks do not show until you cut into the board

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Image to Enlarge

The rough lumber for the entry door is selected

..... and all the rough pieces are chosen and then off to the saws to be cut up.

Then .... each piece is joined on its face and made perfectly flat to be run through the planer

Here are the "center" pieces of the entry door after being joined ..... allowed to "relax" before planing.

Here are the styles for the entry door after being flattened on one side.

They are the planed to a parallel thickness

This is the top of the door being laid out for the chevron lite opening

here are the two 7"+ door styles of White Oak ..... they each weigh over 40 lbs each ....... I mean solid wood !!

Here are some of the Medullary Rays that appear in White Oak when the wood is milled perfectly vertical

This is some of the most beautiful White Oak that I have ever seen

Here are he pieces for the sidelights, after being joined and allowed to settle down

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Image to Enlarge

The "heels" are glued together and then surface sanded to 1-3/4" thick

The "heels" are are the surface sanded because the can not be planed due to reversing grain

The to "lite" of the door has a stepped style that is very complex to create ..... the final step is hand cut with a finishing dozuki dovetail saw

Here are the two stepped heel ready to do a splined mortise with the top angled rail

The top "chevron" is cut out of the top rail

It is the detailed with preliminary routers

...... and then completed with hand tools

The top piece is stepped in 2"


Here is a view of the header after mortising for the splined tennons

Here is the door with the fitted horizontal rails

The the vertical styles are each fitted and refitted for an exact fit ...... this is a view of the outside

Here is a view of the inside after all of the pieces have been fitted and shaped

Here is a close-up of a view of the inside

Here is a clasp of a sidelight

The figure in this White Oak is amazing

,,,,,,,,, and the view just gets better and better

Here is the first sidelight glued up, flattened, and in clamps

....... here is the entry door in clamps

all of he excess glue is cleaned and the corners are cleaned with a toothbrush

... here is the second sidelight in clamps

the entry door ... curing

Here are the 2 sidelights and the entry door in clamps and they will be allowed to cure for at least 72 hrs

Here is the beautiful entrance door ..... just out of clamps

Here are the two sidelights just out of clamps

Here is a close-up of the top chevron lite which will have gold mirrored solar bronze glass

All of the molded edges must be hand sanded

....... and sanded

........ and hand sanded

Here are some of the beautiful White Oak raised panels ...... they are 1-3/8" thick

Here are the two sidelights ..... good news ....... they match !!

The door is mortised for 4 hinges and I brand it while I'm there

The door is being bored for the lock set and dead bolt

It fits!!

The panels are a full 1-3/8" thick and raised on both sides

Here the panels receive the first of four coats of my varnish oil oil

Check out the grain ...... amazing !

Each and every stop is soaked in my oil at least 4 different times.

FINALLY ....... the door receives its' first coat of varnish oil

Here is a close-up of the inside top

Here's my "baby" curing for at least 72 hrs

Here are the sidelights being oiled before the panels are placed in the units.

Here are the beveled glass units

Please note that all of my panels "float" within their frame. The panel can then move without tearing itself apart

The panels are then caulked with a flexible siliconized latex caulk that turns clear ...... but it is never seen.

Here is a preview of the door.
The upper peaked light actually mimics the house roof line.

Here is the beveled glass installed

The upper unit is actual a thermal unit that has a bronze mirror coating on the outside piece of the unit

Here is a close-up of the "jog". I decided to apply a raised molding which I designed. It's a surprise for the clients!!

Here the bronze hinges are mortised into the White oak jambs

Here is a sidelight ....... about to receive the stops ...... ALL STOPS are attached with stainless steel fasteners

One down .... one to go !

Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA

Here is the entry door hung in a solid White Oak jamb ...... with 4 ball-bearing bronze hinge

I provide the jambs "long" so the owner can fit it to their project. Notice the weather-stripping

My jambs have a vinyl/foam European style weather stripping. It is kerfed directly into the jamb ... and easy to replace

My jambs are assemble with 4 inch screws ...... no staples or nails ....... notice the outside of the jamb has also been sealed with my varnish oil ......!