I call this door ...... The Prairie Style Door

It has Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass.

It is ribbon grain Mahogany
36" x 80" x 1-3/4"
The panels are highly figured Striated Fir panels

and ..... I will be happy to add a Dentil Shelf .... if you wish !


Here is The Prairie Door Project

Look at the beautiful grain

Click Here to view some pictures of Gold Glass I used in the door

A close-up of the book matched panels

Another view of the amazing Striated Fir Panels

Here is the glass back lit

... with beveled facets, water glass
and the earth tones taht are iridized

another view of the iridized glass

Click Here to see how this glass is made

Here is the History of how this door was made !!

Here is the rough lumber to make 2 doors
.. some tricks are used to make the small center rail
Here, I have all the pieces fitted.............. then the door is glued up and cures for 3 full days
We then surface sand it and then hand finish sand the entire door

Since the door is heavy Mahogany, I joint the edges with a power plane rather then a jointer
when it's ready ...... I leave my signature
The makers "mark"
Here is the door frame oiled with 4 coats of varnish oil and waiting for glass and panels

The panels are marine grade ply, edged with solid lumber .....
..... then I vacuum press on the figured and bookmatched Striated Fir
The "thick" veneer is 5/16" on each side and then raised with a chamfer detail
Before we oil the panels

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