This exceptional pair of doors are to called
"The Palos Verdes"
They are constructed of Genuine pattern grain Mahogany
Each door is 88" x 36"
The clear glass is 3/4" hand beveled Diamante Starfire
and the blue lites are 1" hand beveled Cobalt Blue Starfire

Here is a view of the cobalt glass, backlit

Here is the completed Entry
..... ready to be installed

Here is another view of the faceted glass

Here is a close-up of the top half of the magnificent door ...... backlit

....... another view

..the lower part of the door

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check out the beautiful glass

Here is the door laying on my bench

... please notice that each piece of glass is hand beveled to a peek

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After several door ideas ....... here is the final design
All of the clear glass is 3/4" of an inch thick
and hand beveled to a compound center peak
The cobalt blue glass is 1" thick

Here are are several different door ideas

Below is the history of how these beautiful doors are constructed

The rough Mahogany is joined flat and then surfaced
Here are some of the pieces out of the planer

Then each piece is cut to width and then length
since the mullions are so narrow I cut away most of the material before I shape them in the shaper
....... and the the cross mullions
Then the mullions are bored for dowels on the end grain

Then the pieces are checked for a perfect vertical fit
Then I start machining the 48 short mullions. I start by coping the end grain and fit and refit until it's a perfect fit
and then I shape the molded edge and rabbit ...... pretty tricky
The we cut clamping blocks to fit between the mullions so that we can clamp across the entire door ...... it takes hours of fitting ..... and a few tricks !!

each mullion will be glued on the end grain at least 3 times before assembly
and the the "mapped" pieces are placed on the vertical mullions
All of the excess glue is removed and washed
...... we then "toothbrush" the glue out of the corners

... and blow the excess water
Here each door will stay in clamps for 4 days .. for a full cure of the glue
while under clamps ..... we measure the glass openings ...... time to order the glass
Each and every molded edge is marked with chalk ....... then hand sanded .... when the chalk is gone ....... it's done

Then all of he surfaces are machine sanded to a furniture grade of 220 grit
...... here's a cool picture of he "door (dust) we left behind" !! ........
All doors are made a specific amount oversize and the cut on all for sides, to finish size.
we use 4/4 stock and laminate it together then thickness sand it

The second door is finish sanded .....
Here are the doors with the 3rd coat of varnish oil;
...... and wiped down
Here is the first door, just oiled. This door will receive 3 more coats of our varnish oil

........ it takes almost 3 hours, just to wipe off the excess varnish oil
........ and the "bleed out" wiped off for several more hours
Here are the doors with the 4th coat of varnish oil;
Here I am mortising the jambs for the hinges

The last coat of varnish oil on the jambs
and the the jambs cure for 3 days
Wiping down the 5th coat of oil
Here we sand the stops before oiling

It is hand beveled to a peak
Here is some of the cobalt glass
Here is an interesting refraction of light
The prismatic effect bends images

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Here are just a few of the stops for the doors
Here we are cutting the short stops
.... and here I am cutting the long stops
Here is a piece of the Cobalt Diamante Glass and the clear Diamante Starfire

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