.......... Here is an entry door made of Quartersawn Eastern White Oak..........
It is 36" x 80" x 1-3/4"
The panels are book matched Pao Dao (from New Guinea)
The glass is beveled "glue-chip" and is tempered and thermal

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This is a beautiful Oak Door

The panels are bookmatched
Pao Dao




all of the Oak is quartersawn

I use stainless steel fasteners to secure the stops, so that there will never be 'rusty' bleed out

The panel wood is from New Guinea

and they are oiled on the outside and sealed with conversion varnish on the inside




Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA
the glass is beveled "glue-chip"

A view of the outside

A view from the inside

The owner chose VG Fir for jambs, Here they are sanded by machine and then by hand

I chose to vacuum laminate 2 pcs of 4/4 Douglas Fir, because I could acquire "export" quality Fir in 4/4

Here the finished door gets bored for handsets and the oiled where raw wood is exposed from machining

I also mortise for the striker plates

and them mortise for 4pcs of ball-bearing oiled rubbed bronze hinges

On all heavy weighted doors I use 2 hinges toward the top of the door and jamb ........

Here the weather-stripping is being set into the kerfed jamb

The door with its' hinges

The hinge side of the jamb is mounted first

Here is the door, "hung" in its' jamb

and the head jamb is drilled for screws

Here is the hung door in the jamb, that is left long to be cut on site

A closer look

Here is the jamb and parts wrapped for shipping

The door is sealed in plastic

Then the parts are "bedded in 1-1/2" styrofoam

This all has to be compressed to lock the door in place

The case is screwed together, rather then just nailed .... why ...... because it is the right way !!

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