The Navarro
It is 36" wide and 80" tall
The door is Genuine Mahogany
with bookmatched Curly Redwood and Burl Panels
The 3 top panels were to be hammered copper
but we added beveled insulated glass instead.
The door has been coated with 4 coats of varnish~oil
and is ready to hang

Here is the completed door with beveled glass

The Mahogany is vertical grain ~ of course !!

The outside panels are Old Growth Curly Redwood

The glass is beveled tempered and insulated

Here is the door
Notice the beautiful ribbon grain Mahogany
Each top panel was to be hand hammered copper

Here are some photos and history of the construction of The Navarro Entry Door



Here is the rough lumber before joining and surfacing

After surfacing I joint each edge the cut to width

After the door is glued up we have to surface sand the door because the grain is so "ribbony" and spectacular



All the molded edges of the door are hand sanded
All of my doors deserves a "furniture" finish

The edges have to be machine surfaced because of the grain

When the door is of the finish and quality we desire



........... I leave the makers mark !!

Every door is varnished with 4 coats of my varnish-oil before we put the panels in the frame

Here are the panels before machining ... they are awesome !!


Here I create the rebate then chamfer (or raise) the the panels