The Door is called The Naglee Bungalow Door
It is made of Old Growth Redwood
It is 40" x 84" x 1-3/4"

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to read the "history" of Naglee Park

Here is the original drawing of the proposed door

...... and ....... here is the finished product

the panels are Redwood Burl
they are bookmatched
and beautiful

....... another close-up of the door

The glass is and obscure art glass called Reemy Seedy

Here is a picture of the door without back lighting

The glass is hand cut to the arc then tempered and then it is insulated over another piece of tempered glass

The dentil shelf is Old Growth Redwood with Ebony pins
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Here is a straight view of the posts and bookmatched burl panels
.... pretty exciting !!


Here is the history of how this door was constructed
Each client views their site while I'm building their door !

Here is the rough lumber set aside my shop ....... I pick out pieces I think are best for this door
Here is the rough lumber ... cut oversize
...... and here are the pieces after being surfaced
....... then cut to exact width and length

The pieces are set in place and marked for he splined tennons and vertical dowels
The the arches are cut on the bandsaw
....... and the hand planed with an antique compass plane
I pre-drill the dowels before cutting the arc and remove the temporary dowels after I machine with the shaper

here I use a plywood template against a ball-bearing on the shaper spindle
here is the shaped arc
I then fit the vertical piece o fit lengthwise
...... and then cut the taper on the bandsaw and joint the taper straight

....... and the complete the last machining on the tapered surface
We put the center of the doors together first.
They are assembled with 1/2" Mahogany dowels that we make in shop
the splines are inserted and the shaper coped sides are glued on

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all of the excess glue is removed and we even scrub the corners with a tooth bush
Notice the door is clamped side to side and top to bottom
and it will stay in clamps for at least 3 days
Here is the Naglee out of clamps

a close up !!
and now I cut the figured burl pieces for the panels
and start machining the panels
Here is he door "blank" with the panel stock

The panel stock is laid out and bookmatched
and the panel sub straight ids prepped for the Redwood edging
... and glued on
the we place the thick Redwood Burl on the sub straight and it goes into the vacuum press for 3 (yes Three) days

Here are the panels about to be sanded ..... they are so beautiful
I back bevel the lock edge by 2 deg for ease of opening
and finish it off with a pass with my hand plane
Since I made these jambs several week ago ( and they are installed) I take the "story poles"

......... of the jambs and lay out for the hinges
then I leave the makers mark
here, I mortise for the hinges
and here is the finished product

This door has bronze ball bearing hinges
And then we oil the door before the glass and panels
Here is the door after its' first oiling.
There will be 4 coats of oil-varnish before it's ready to continue
Here is a close up of some of the amazing wood

Then I start of the dentil shelf .....
......... and dentil posts