...... This door is genuine Honduras Mahogany......
The raised panels are Striated Fir Panels
It also has Beveled ~ thermal glass
It is 36" x 84"

The completed entrance door
Here is a close-up of the beveled glass
and Striated Fir ..... after installation on its' new home
The original drawing

The Entry door on its' new home
the Mahogany has a beautiful "ribbon" grain

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a close up of the beautiful Striated Fir panels

these panels are raised on both sides

all of these panels came from one tree

Here is the history of how this door was constructed
the rough Mahogany is cut out and allowed to "settle down" for a couple of weeks.
all of the rough lumber is then made straight on a wide face joiner
all of the pierces are the surfaced and thickness planed to 1-3/4"
the pieces are then sized to width and cut to my "fitting" length


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EACH piece is the cut and fit ...... piece by piece ....... to insure exceptional joinery
The final "dry" fit allows to make sure every thing is ready for assembly
The door is then glued and all of the excess is then wiped and rinsed off of the wood.
Here the door is glued up, cleaned off, and is left in clamps for at least 3 days .......... to cure properly.

The the door is finish sanded
All of the molded edges are hand sanded to insure a furniture grade finish
The hinge pockets are mortised and I "sign" my work
After the door is finish sanded it is oiled with my varnish oil

Here is a close-up of the oiling and the beautiful Mahogany
Here is the door "curing" between coats of of oil
Each stop is cut and fitted for the beveled thermal glass

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Here is the panel stock of Striated Fir
Now I start shaping the Striated Fir raised panels
The completed panels after shaping
Then each panel is sanded before oiling

The panels are all oiled with 4 coats of oil before being installed into the door
Here is a finished Striated Fir Panel
All of the stops are soaked in varnish oil before cutting and fitting
Here the stops are being cut and fitted for the panels

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Most of our exceptional fabricated glass products have been constructed by Thermal Sun Glass of Santa Rosa, CA

Here is the finished door laying on the bench
Here is a close up of the amazing
Striated Fir

Here is the completed door
Here are the Striated Fir Raised Panels
More panels
Another picture of the door

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© B Lee~2004