This is
The Fullington

It is a door and sidelight made of genuine Mahogany
The panels figured and plain-sawn Old Growth Redwood
The Door is 40" x 84" x 1-3/4"
and the Sidelights are 16" each
and it has beveled insulated glass

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Here is the completed door and sidelights

The Redwood panels are book-matched plain-sliced Old Growth Redwood and the center panel is bookmatched quilted Redwood

.... another view of the entry

the sidelight panels are quilted Old Growth Redwood

Here is a view of the lower half of the door

The dentil shelf is attached with stainless steel screws and capped with Rosewood plugs

Here is a view of the dentils and shelf

The glass is a all beveled and insulates

the glass is very difficult to photograph

....... craftsmanship above compromise

This is the history of how this door was made

Here is the front of the future home of The Fullington

.... and a view of the rear




Here is the clients sketch

Here is a scale drawing with some changes

and here is the dimensional layout

and here is a framing schedule for the contractor




the rough genuine Mahogany lumber is selected

some of it comes from some rare large planks

........ very large Mahogany planks
22" plus !!

.... it's time to sharpen up to shear (not tear) this fine mahogany to size




I sharpen my joiner and planer knives ........ and it's done right !!

here are the "rough" pieces cut to a manageable size

....... then all the wood is joined on face to make it straight and flat

......... and then the pieces are thickness planed .........




...... from 2"+ down to 1-3/4" thick

the pieces are will then be cut to width and length

..... then they are laid out for color and matching before machining

Here is one of the two sidelights




the parts are then coped on a shaper

and then the edges are machined with the "sticking" which is a chamfered step bevel of my design

here are some of the pieces after machining. Notice the beautiful vertical "ribbon" grain

The vertical pieces are then individually fit to length ....... it takes about and hour to fit the pieces properly ....... before it's ready for glue up.




Here is the first sidelight fitted and glued up ......

.......... and the any excess glue is removed with water and detailing

Here are the sidelights in clamps

........ and the door in clamps ... where they will stay for 3-4 days while the glue cures

Here is the Entrance Door out of clamps

.... and here are the sidelights

Here are the book matched panels for the door

here my sander, we call "speedy" (because it is so slow) does most of the sanding

the outer panels are straight grain Redwood and the center is bookmatched Redwood curly grain

here are the bookmatched curly redwood panels for the sidelights. I have wet them with water to show the grain

The panels will soon be finish sanded and then oiled

All of the details of the edges are also finish sanded

... and here we start the hand sanding of all the molded detail

and the sidelights

Then each style and rail is inspected and hand finished

The entire sidelight and door will be sanded to 220 grit finish

Here we detail even the edges

The door receives its' final sanding

Each door is made 1/2" oversize and then perfectly squared and .......

...... cut to size on top and bottom

Here I mortise for the hinges one at a time ..... and always

.......... have a perfect fit and then I can "sign" the door ....... because I'm proud of it !!

Here are the jambs for the sidelights and door

Then we give the door its' first coat of varnish oil

........... panels too

The varnish oil is allowed to soak in for 45 mins to and hour

Here the door will cure for 4 days ...

....... before I attach the dentils and shelf. I want it sealed under the dentil shelf

Here is one of the two sidelights curing for at least 3 days before re-oiling

Here are the panels curing for 3 days before re-oiling

The dentil posts will be attached with 1" Mahogany posts

I make my own dowels ........ cause no one else does!

They will be set in with glue and an old style technique of wedged tenons

Then clamped for 36 hrs

and a little sanding and we're ready for oiling the entire door for 3 more coats of varnish oil

a quick check on the fit of the shelf

and then I mortised for the square Rosewood pins

I oiled the shelf separately ......... so that all sides of the shelf get sealed

Here we mortise the jamb for the 4 hinges

Then all of the jambs are finish sanded

double check the fit

and oil them with 3 coats of varnish oil ...... Notice the beautiful ribbon grain

All of the stops are SOAKED in our varnish oil ........ before they are fitted

here they drain and then are wiped

CLICK HERE to see the custom shipping case
The last coat of oil

...... and it will have to cure for 3-4 days before we can start adding all the "pieces"

Here are the beveled, insulated, and tempered units .......... each are dual sealed for longevity

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