This Entry is called The Brentwood
It is constructed out of Genuine Mahogany
The door is 42" x 94" x 1-3/4"
The sidelights are actually 13" x 94" x 1-3/4"
The glass with be beveled, tempered, and insulated
The panels will also be Genuine Mahogany

Here is a drawing of the proposed entry

....... a drawing of the door

... with all of the dimensions

Here are some photos of the completed
Entry Door and Sidelights

Here is the completed Entry
Here is the completed Entry without
backlights to view the beveled glass

A view of the dentil shelf
a close up of the dentil posts and shelf
another view

a full shot of the 1-3/8" thick Mahogany Panels
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a view of the beveled glass, which is also
a thermal unit and tempered glass

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Here is a pictorial history of how The Brentwood was constructed

Here is the rough lumber before jointing and planing
I always allow wood to "settle down" before the machining takes place
here are the sidelight styles out of the planer
The bottom heel rail is diagonal grain, matched and glued together...... then machined again to thickness ...... this should provide a very stable bottom rail (wide) for the door and sidelight.

the sidelights are "dry fitted" .... with the floating tennons ......
then the pieces are machined with a "cope and stick" chamfered bevel
Here I am doing the coping ...... this allows for 3 times the gluing surface
Here are the sidelights in clamps where they will remain, curing, for at least 3 days

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Here I am machining the pieces for the entry door
... and then I start dry fitting the pieces
after cutting to fit ..... I layout the taper in the vertical mid-rail
.... then cut the taper and machine the molded edge

after coming out of clamps ..... I trim the sidelights to size ..... I make everything I do slightly oversize so that I can trim to the exact dimension
Here ... we start to assemble the entry door
...... it is put together from the center up .. and then out ... yes the fit is so tight that we have to "nudge" it together with a
we wipe off the excess glue, before we place it in clamps

Then we clamp up the door in all directions .... wipe off the excess glue .... and even take a toothbrush and water to all the joints
... then we blow off all the excess water and check for any glue .. we might have missed
and then wrestle this giant down to the floor, where it will stay in clamps for 3-4 days
Having some time left in the day ... we finish sand the sidelights and hand sand the detail to a 220 grit finish ..... furniture quality

Then all surfaces are checked with a diagonal light to for any defects
When the door is complete ...... we sign it
with the "makers mark"
here is a waste piece, cut off a sidelight. Notice the quality and tightness of the Genuine Mahogany

The molded edge is hand sanded
and the faces are machined sanded to a furniture finish
and a final touch up
All of our doors are made slightly oversize and then cut to size and square

It is time to sign the beauty ... with pride
Our "mark"
Hear the sidelight is receiving the first of 4 coats of varnish oil
The pieces will cure 3 to 4 days between coats of oil

and the oiling of the great door ... begins
Here are the door and 2 sidelights between coats of oil varnish
here is one of the planks that will be planed and machined to make one of the two matching Mahogany panels
Here a a panel, just after being cut to the taper

The faces are machine sanded
Then the hand sanding begins
These are some of the tools needed just to sand and finish a panel
and here is the the finish panel after the first coat of varnish oil

a close-up of this remarkable wood
Here are all of the stops needed for the door and sidelight, being oiled
Here I am laying out the position of the dentil posts
drilling for the 1" hand made Mahogany dowels that are attached to the posts

Here I am aligning up the dentils posts in a perfectly straight line
and they will remain under clamps for 3 days ... to cure
Here is the "raw" door with the sidelights
Here are the dentil posts after oiling

Here is the "oiled" door ready for panels
.. and here are the panels
Each stop is hand fit and cut
And here is a close up of the installed panels

We are still delayed because I am waiting for the beveled
Here is another picture of the installed panels
soooo ... we cut the stops and we'll be ready to install the glass when it arrives
Here we are fitting the large beveled glass units in the sidelights

Here are the completed sidelights
"my" jambs are now made with a new method I have developed by laminating two pieces of 4/'4" Mahogany
Here are two pieces just before clamping
then they "rest" under a zillion clamps for at least 24 hrs

Time to finish sand and trim

Then oil with 4 coats of varnish

Here are the jamb pieces curing before hanging the door and sidelights

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