Here are two new doors that are recently completed

They are constructed out of Honduras Mahogany
with Mahogany panels
If you are interested in more information on these doors, please drop me a note of give me a call.

I am happy to ship my doors.
Questions ?? or 707-964-0635

The Entry
from the inside
The Side Entry
Come on in !!

The Final Drawing
the "final" Entrance Door
the kitchen door
flat rebated Mahogany panels

beveled thermal glass
the completed door in the jamb
the Mahogany trim
a 'lil' detail

This is History of the
construction of two doors

the Mahogany
the door stock
cut to length

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cutting the taper
"dry" layout and fit
the first of two....!!
good hygiene !!

out of clamps !!
the lites
the craftsman detail

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The panels
the final sanding
...then the hand sanding
back beveling the knob edge

installing the hinges
the jambs
sanding the panels
oiling the panels

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hand chisel and install pins
"sangre" Madrone cabs
the first door is oiled
a close-up

center rail
here are the pair ....oiled
here is the beveled glass
and here are the jambs

mortising the hinges
here is the exterior trim
install the panels
install the beveled glass

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the completed door
the first drop of sunlight !!
the panel detail
My shipping crate

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